YD9800 Eddy Current Shaft Displacement Sensor/Proximity Transducer System

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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Ce Zhen
Model Number:
Vibration Sensor
Eddy Current Sensor
Analog Sensor, 0~5V,0-10V,-2~-18V,4~20mA,etc
Temperature Drift:
0.05% / °C
Operating temperature:
-50 ~ +175 °C
Frequency response:
Sheel Material:
Stainless Steel
IP Grade:
Warranty time:
1 years
Online service:
24 hours
Measure range:
0-10mm or customized
5000 Set/Sets per Month Accept OEM
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
YD9800 Eddy current displacement sensor packing:
1piece or two pieces per inner box;
1piece,5pieces ,10pieces per master carton;
10pieces standard size sensors,gross weight is about 5kg
Lead Time :
About 7-10 days after 100% payment

YD9800  Eddy Current Shaft Displacement Sensor/Proximity Transducer System  

(Equivalent to 3300 XL Proximity Transducer System from Bently Nevada) 



YD9800 Proximity Transducer System can measure the relative position of the measured object (must be a metal conductor) and the probe end. Because of its features of non contact measurement, long-term high working reliability, high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability, fast response speed and no oil-water and other medium influence, it is often used for long-term real-time monitoring the shaft displacement, shaft vibration, shaft speed and other parameters of the large rotating machinery, then we can analyze the work condition and failure reason of the equipment, in order to protect the equipment and do predicting repair effectively. It can measure displacement, amplitude, speed, size, thickness, surface unevenness. Analysis on the theory of rotor dynamics and bearing science, the running state of large rotary machines mainly depends on its core-rotating shaft, and the proximity sensor can measure the condition of the shaft directly, the measurement result is reliable and credible.




Section 1  Brief Introduction


The leading science and technology of YD9800 Proximity Transducer System  :

1. " the best parameter matching of coil temperature stability" technology ensure a good stability of probe temperature;

2. using the new PPS engineering plastics through" two injection" technology to ensure the good sealing of the probe, dimensional stability and exchange ability, working temperature range expanded to -50℃~+175℃;

3. " deformation connection" technology, higher strength and reliability of probe;

4. " deep negative feedback stability resonant loop" technology, make the preamplifier stability reach (0.05%/℃,0.02%/year );

5. according to the American military standard design and produce, preamplifier can work continuously in the environment

   of -50~+105℃;

6. Proximitor circuit adopts the fault-tolerant design to ensure that any wiring errors will not  make damage;

7. Proximitor uses the latest electronic technology, power consumption is lower than 12mA;

8. The shell of the proximitor adopts die casting technology, high frequency socket concave, wiring terminal mosaic

protection and engineering plastics insulated structure, in order to make the preamplifier more solid and more convenient

to use and install.

9. Advanced phase frequency characteristics of the testing and control method of the proximity sensor makes YD9800 series products are in the international leading level in the dynamic characteristics.


Application Area


It is widely used for online monitoring and fault diagnosis of displacement, vibration, rotational speed, the oil film thickness of the steam turbine, hydraulic turbine, generators, blowers, compressors, gear boxes and other equipments in the industries of electric power, petrochemical, metallurgical and so on.


Typical application diagram





Technical Index


Diameter of the probe head(mm)

Linear range(mm)

Nonlinear error

The minimum area to be measured(mm)


1 (Extended to 2)




2 (Extended to 4)




4 (Extended to 8)




8 (Extended to 12)




12(Extended to 22)




25 (Extended to 30)





Probe: working temperature is -50~ +175°C ; temperature drift ≤0.05%/°C

Proximitor: working temperature is -50~ +120°C ; temperature drift ≤0.05%/°C

Interchangeability: error ≤5%

Frequency response: 0 ~ 10 kHz; amplitude frequency characteristics: when 1 kHz, it is -1%; when 10kHz, it is -5%; phase frequency characteristics: when 1 kHz,  it is -1 degree; when 10 kHz, it is -100 degree.

Output characteristics:

1. a negative voltage output,

Power supply: -18Vdc~ -24Vdc

Power consumption ≤ 12mA (not including the output current)

2.4 ~ 20mA current output

Power supply: +18Vdc~ +30Vdc

Power consumption ≤ 12mA ( not including the output current )



Installation options


Standard installation





Reverse installation


( a ) usually use a sleeve fix it on the machine






(b) φ50 commonly used methods for probe




The cable side out


Select it when the installation of axial space is small, usually fix it with the clamping block 




Flange mounting


Select it when the installation of axial space is small, fix it with bolts





 Usually choose the standard installation type probes unless the use of the machine or external mounting bracket installation space probe limit.



Unthread length selection


With 10 mm for the unit,

Minimum no thread length is 0mm 0 0,

Maximum no thread length is 250mm 2 5,

Incremental change is 10mm 0 1


No thread part of the probe is for the convenience of installation; when use the screw to install, the appropriate length of the no thread part can reduce the need length for screwed into the screw hole.


Selection of the shell length


With 10 mm for the unit,

Minimum shell length is 20mm  0 2,

Maximum shell length is 250mm 2 5,

Incremental change is 10mm 0 1


The shell length of the probe depends on the distance between the mounted position and the measured surface.



Selection of the cable length


1 0: 1.0m

5 0: 5.0m

9 0: 9.0m


Selection of the cable length should consider the distance between the measured surface and the installation position of the proximitor.When use the screw to install, recommend to select 05 (0.5m), 10 (1.0m), ensure that when swirl the probe, the probe cable can rotate with the probe together, it is not easy to break the cable. We need to select an extension cable, total length of the extension cable and the probe is 5m or 9m. Mounted a probe inside of the machine, choose a probe, the total length should ensure that the cable joint is outside of the machine to prevent the oil pollute joint.


Armored selection

" K" means cable with armor


If probe cable without pipeline protection, recommend to choose armored probe, so that the cable is not easy to be damaged.



Section 3 Proximitor sensor specifications


A. Probe diameter selection


0 5 match φ5 probe,

0 8 match φ8 probe,

1 1 match φ11 probe,

2 5 match φ25 probe,

5 0 match φ50 probe.


B. Cable length selection


5 0 match 5m cable long probe,

9 0 match 9m cable long probe.


C. Output mode selection


V Negative voltage output ( -18Vdc~ -26Vdc power supply )

I 4~20mA current output ( +18Vdc~+30Vdc power supply )


The proximitor is calibrated according to 40CrMo steel when it leaves factory, if the measured material is not 40CrMo steel, please informthe measured material when make the order, we will calibrate it according to the designated material when it leaves factory.

The negative voltage output signal is compatible with BN3300, 7200 series of the United States of America Bentley Nevada company and the German PHILIPS products of Germany,  4 ~ 20mA current output signal is suitable for the computer data acquisition system.







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We do all major sensor type:

a.Vibration sensor,two-wire integrated vibration transmitter.

b.Two/three-wire integrated or split-type eddy current displacement  sensor.

c.Rotation speed sensor:passive magnetic or hall speed sensor.

d.(Vibration,speed,displacement )transmitter.

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f.Meter series:kinds of monitor.

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i.Sensor calibration equipment series.


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